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It’s not leadership, it’s admin.

Lately, I begin to reflect on my style of leadership.

And I have to say, after working at the daycare for some time, it has taught me this: Encouragement, empowerment and respect, work a lot better than negative reinforcement. Sound simple? In reality, it’s a lot harder to do.

I don’t know how I am doing so far. But today I had a great Green Life meeting. I can see people’s faces lighten up when fun and crazy ideas and suggestions were exchanged. Creativity were bouncing in the air. That’s what I want – an organic team.

I realize that leadership = being a good administrator so that the team can focus on the projects in which they take much pride. I guess this means that I will be doing the minutes from now on…. =(

Take a look at Margaret J. Wheatley’s book, “Finding Our Way: Leadership for an Uncertain Time”. I got the ideas from her.


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where do we start? individual or corporation?

Personally, I have always believed in every single individual’s effort will make a difference. Our earth’s pollution is simply the sum of each individual’s carelessness.

But lately, I have been getting a sense of powerlessness from the people I talk to (at the kiosk). It seems that unless we get the commercials and government to impose environmental rules on us, nothing will happen.

China Dialogue has begun to look at the politics of consumerism. It asks “Is shopping the new politics? Can young people really take responsibility for climate change? Will celebrity culture turn green?”

Take a look:

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Inconvenient Truth… with chinese subtitles

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Where am i Now?

I have started a project with Sierra Club of Canada called Green Life 綠色生命
I am starting an NGO called Intercultural Movement for the Environment (MIE – in french).
I am working at Eco-Quartier to implement recycling in Montreal’s Chinatown; the job involves surveying their current waste management situation.

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