Making Green Multicultural


Hong Kong government make Living Green chic

Recycling: How to separate different types of waste into what colour of bins.
And all they focus on is on categorizing the ‘garbage’, and if you do
so, you get 100 (full test score).

Recycling: Explaining how to separate garbage if you live in a building.  and
that both adults and kids need to separate, thus the man was both an
adult and a kid.  Their slogan: remember to separate before you throw
them into the bins.  Is your building separating garbage? if not, call
hk environment department.
Living Green (my favourite video).  Translation on the t-shirts:
1. BYOB – bring your own bag
2. separating garbage
3. Save Energy
4. Simple packaging – thus the simple tie of the flowers (we have
crazy flower packaging)
5. turning house temperature to 25.5 degrees (hk ppl turn up their air
conditioner really high in the summer)

Fourth Video:  Transportation
1. Walk more
2. Take public transportation
3. turn off your key
4. hybrid car



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It’s been a LONG time since i have updated this blog.  I doubt anyone read my blog anymore, which put me at ease as I feel less pressured to write deep and meaningful. So both my NGOs are still alive, after 1 year.  But i think this is the most crucial time.  It’s easy to start, but difficult to keep it alive.  I guess this is normal, seeing the fact that some reality tv shows are based on finishing a half-done DIY renovation projects.  Still, at times like this, I usually will doubt my own strength and capability.   You know that little voice that goes, “sandra, you are not good at this anyway.  so why don’t you just run back to Toronto and start something there…. and repeat the same cycle”. 

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making Green modern

Found this great website by accident: Inhabitat

Covers the green movement in the design world, including fashion, graphic design, architecture, interior design, etc. You know, the cool people.

My favourite is the EcoFashion Report. And no, it’s not the hippies clothes. It seems the top fashion world are catching on to this Green thing too.

A really cool step-by-step gree guide for those graphic designers out there on to print greenly.

They are making Green modern.

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Sounds Like Canada

I went on my first national program: Sounds Like Canada. The conversation was very interesting, and it was very comforting to know that there are other cultural groups out there working for the same cause.

It was a great exchange. However, I was expecting more. I was expecting an open conversation that focuses on solutions, focuses on HOW-TO, whether it’d be how to help the green movement to understand the needs of cultural community, or things that have worked for their communities which may also work for other groups.

When asked about the environmental demands on China pressured by the developed countries such as US, I did not comment. But what was going in my mind was David Suzuki’s comment on climate change: “We’re in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyone’s arguing over where they’re going to sit.” This is how I feel when I left the studio that day.

Sounds Like Canada: Ethnic Environmentalists
“Today on Sounds Like Canada, we find out why immigrants want to change the colour of the green movement. Kevin talks to Sandra Lee of Montreal’s Green Life Movement, Kaushik Vyas in Toronto, and Susanna Tam of Vancouver’s Mango Communications.”

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