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MIE & Me

As mentioned in the About Me, I am also starting an environmental coalition that brings different cultural communities together with the green movement.

We recently got an article from VOIR. The picture there took Lidia and I half an hour to take. hahhaha!

In French, journalist, Marie-Claude Marsolais, writes about us:

“L’environnement n’a peut-être pas de frontière, il reste que chaque culture voit vert à sa manière. Malgré le travail acharné des groupes environnementaux, ces derniers peinent à rejoindre les communautés culturelles de Montréal. C’est ce qu’a constaté le dernier-né des organismes verts québécois, Mobilisation Interculturelle pour l’Environnement….” for more, see article.


Recently, Lidia and I started talking. We came up with the idea of organizing a dialogue exchange with all the Eco-Quartiers who work with cultural communities.

Lidia came up with this idea before MIE even started. I came up with the idea after feeling helpless working in Quartier Chinois. Then, we received a comment from someone who works in Eco-Quartier Hochelaga. She congrats us with our MIE initiative, and it seems that she can benefit from our coalition.

It’s good to know that our ideas are not too far off from reality. It’s good to know we are not that crazy.

So if you are working at an Eco-Quartier or interested in this exchange, keep a look out for us at the end of july.


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Where am i Now?

I have started a project with Sierra Club of Canada called Green Life 綠色生命
I am starting an NGO called Intercultural Movement for the Environment (MIE – in french).
I am working at Eco-Quartier to implement recycling in Montreal’s Chinatown; the job involves surveying their current waste management situation.

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