Making Green Multicultural


Hong Kong government make Living Green chic

Recycling: How to separate different types of waste into what colour of bins.
And all they focus on is on categorizing the ‘garbage’, and if you do
so, you get 100 (full test score).

Recycling: Explaining how to separate garbage if you live in a building.  and
that both adults and kids need to separate, thus the man was both an
adult and a kid.  Their slogan: remember to separate before you throw
them into the bins.  Is your building separating garbage? if not, call
hk environment department.
Living Green (my favourite video).  Translation on the t-shirts:
1. BYOB – bring your own bag
2. separating garbage
3. Save Energy
4. Simple packaging – thus the simple tie of the flowers (we have
crazy flower packaging)
5. turning house temperature to 25.5 degrees (hk ppl turn up their air
conditioner really high in the summer)

Fourth Video:  Transportation
1. Walk more
2. Take public transportation
3. turn off your key
4. hybrid car



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