Making Green Multicultural



It’s been a LONG time since i have updated this blog.  I doubt anyone read my blog anymore, which put me at ease as I feel less pressured to write deep and meaningful. So both my NGOs are still alive, after 1 year.  But i think this is the most crucial time.  It’s easy to start, but difficult to keep it alive.  I guess this is normal, seeing the fact that some reality tv shows are based on finishing a half-done DIY renovation projects.  Still, at times like this, I usually will doubt my own strength and capability.   You know that little voice that goes, “sandra, you are not good at this anyway.  so why don’t you just run back to Toronto and start something there…. and repeat the same cycle”. 


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  1. kx says:

    Not true. I read your blog. Go Sandra!

  2. Emilie Doran says:

    Good Morning Ms. Lee,

    I have heard a lot about you and your work from Claude Martel, for whom I am currently volunteering at the headquarters of the Sierra Club.

    I am contacting you because I am currently taking a course at McGill for which I must write a research paper related to religion and environment. It is a very open-ended assignment, and I am interested in how I could use the opportunity to learn more about GreenLife and the Chinese community all the while being of use to you and your NGO (i hope!).
    I would be very interested in communicating with you to learn more about the religions and philosophies that pervade Montreal’s Chinatown, and would be interested in examining their implications for environmental ethics and sustainable lifestyles. I think that this kind of research would be very interesting to help realize efficient and influencial projects.

    I would appreciate it if you would email me personally, so that we can communicate privately! Please let me know if you think that my idea has potential, and if you would be interested and/or able to provide me with some suggestions or contacts. I look forward to hearing more from you.


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