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Women & Climate Change…

“The passionate performances from these and other artists – Shakira, Alicia Keys and Madonna among them – were designed to project the Live Earth message across a powerful multimedia platform…to move people to combat the climate crisis”.

The complexity involved in the pursuit of this objective is highlighted by two important points emerging from recent research by the London think-tank, AccountAbility.

First, women are more concerned about global warming than men.

Second, a majority of consumers – in Britain and the US alike – say they are willing to make personal sacrifices to prevent global warming, but only 10% trust the guidance they receive from business, government – or jet-setting celebrities – on this issue.

Live Earth exhorted citizens to “answer the call” and make a commitment by buying low-energy light bulbs, switching off lights and using more public transport. But when the BBC website asked during Live Earth “can people can make a difference?”, the “yes” and “no” votes from nearly 40,000 people were very close.” For more, go here.


Will then women be the leaders of future sustainable development?
How will this affect the way we communicate Climate Change?


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