Making Green Multicultural


….what happened?

It’s been a while I have updated my blog. Things got really busy after the publish of the Gazette article. More media came: CTV, CBC, RCI, Sino Quebec, La Press Chinoise, Luby Chinese Journal. Then of course, there is also the boycotting incident.

When I feel like I can breathe, it’s already July.


So what happened? My good friend, Shu Yi, told me that the media comes when you are the busiest. And yes, we were surely packed with activities that fell on our lap.
1) We held kiosks twice in Chinatown,
2) 2 presentations to the elderlys
3) Environmental workshop (on e-waste) at summer leadership camp
4) 1 movie screening

The media attention also led to the questioning of our relationships with all different stakeholders. Things got stressful and complicated, in a good way.

This is a real test to see whether or not multiculturalism and environmentalism will work. The need for partnership from environmental NGOs and local community organizations is essential. One without another is pointless.

Yet, factors such as fundings, ways resources are shared, sense of belonging and loyalty, all suggest the need for different structure.

I want to make it work. Because pollution and climate change will not wait for us.

All I want people to first stop using styrofaom.


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