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Why Green Life in Montreal’s Chinese Community

If you have read the Gazette article, you would understand that the purpose of the Montreal Green Life movement is to create a culturally appropriate environmental strategy to cater for Chinese Montrealers. This is because the current mainstream environmental movement targets mostly the western lifestyle and is not culturally sensitive.

Buying local produce is a popular solution that the green movements proposed. The reason is that buying foreign imported foods require long-distance transportation, which creates air pollution and uses energy, and chemicals for preservation. However, this solution may not necessarily apply to the Chinese community, or any other cultural communities for that matter.

This is because eating/cooking Chinese food and buying Chinese products are essential to our Chinese lifestyles and cultural identity. As Chinese, this solution does not make sense. Fortunately, there are more and more local chinese stores and manufacturers producing chinese products for our local community. This is great because it’s good for our economy and the environment.

This is why Green Life was born – in hope to find an approach and eco-solutions that can be tailored to the Chinese lifestyle. We aim to increase greener practices within the Chinese community while not compromising our standard of living.

Our emphasis has always been the environmental progress in Mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. And we encourage that, as overseas Chinese, we should starting doing something at our local community.


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  1. name_user says:

    Make sense. However, the international trade is a two-way issue. China sells good to Canada, and Canada sales goods/service to China as well. I wish China should dramatically improve their environment, while developing economy. Environment, economy and politics can’t be separated from each other. Talking about the greenhouse gas emission, Canada is pushing hard on Chinese to reduce CO2 emission. However, they never talked about per capita CO2 emission level, which is far higher in Canada than China. Therefore, I feel some of the environmental issues are politicized. Following the logics of Canadian politicians, Chinese do not have the right to have similar living standard of Canada. I also feel that environmental issues are also taken as an excuse of trade protectionism in Canada and North America in general.

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